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Our Artists

The Painted Conch has an interesting collection of original art.  Each session is led by the original artist who created the piece.  You can see their work at the studio.  Our artists are available to create a personal piece of art for your home or to give as a gift.  Contact them directly, or call us at The Painted Conch for more information.  

Terry Courtemanche
is the manager and owner of The Painted Conch.  Art was always a part of life, but until leaving the corporate world, it was just a dream.  Now the dream is a reality at the exciting new studio featuring great local artists who love what they do!  It's a party everyday now.  Our goal is to present the best experience for you and your friends.  We hope you will all become our friends!  Come wash the dust from your soul.  Terry@thepaintedconch.com

Monika Urbanska attended Boston University graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in painting and with a minor in printmaking.  She also teaches art K-12 at De LaSalle Academy.  Her work has always been realistically styled compositions such as portraits and landscapes and formulated primarily from memory.  In the past few years she has introduced a more abstract style in her art.  Monica's artwork is vivid and exciting.  Look for her on our calendar.

Marie MacLean has been drawing and painting all her life.  Her work reflects the love she has for animals, with a special love of dogs.  Marie has a talent for creating portraits of both people and animals from photographs.  She is able to capture the essence of the photograph in her work.  It is the challenge of this type of work which excites Marie.  Come join us any Sunday for a cool and mellow social session featuring Marie's work.  View Marie's work at www.fanartreview.com/basilbaby

Karin Dahlstrom is a Contemporary Mixed Media Artist and Embellishment Designer, originally from New York.  Karin started her professional art career internationally in Linkopping, Sweden, where she had a small art studio.  Although she was trained in traditional art techniques, Karin is best known for her signature "Wall Jewelry" style and for using Swarovski Crystals in her art work.  Karin likes to break the rules of traditional painting and believes that enjoying your artistic experience is the key to finding your inner artist.  See her work in our studio or at www.dahlstromgalleries.com

Ashley Randolph  is the owner of Brushstrokes by Ashley Studio at the Bamboo Farm/Pottery Express on Zemel Road in Punta Gorda.  Her studio is filled with her own art, as well as beautiful works of art from other local artisans.  She specializes in murals, pet portraits, and children/home décor.  Her art is most easily identified by its bright colors.  Ashley is a Certified Mneme Therapist through the Art Without Boundaries Foundation.  She works with people struggling with Alzheimer Disease or Autism providing a rewarding and pleasurable experience for them through assisted painting, and other techniques.  These techniques encourage synaptic development.  Ashley is most passionate about sharing her artsy lifestyle with others and hopefully inspiring their growth.  You will be amazed how good you feel at the end of a session.  Ashley's work is on view at our studio and also at  www.brushstrokesbyashley.com


Nobody is ever Crabby at The Painted Conch!

The Painted Conch
A hybrid art studio and wine bar
1242 Pine Island Road #17
    Cape Coral, FL 33991
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